this morning


9:21 Slept in a bit.  

Out of bed at 9, first time I’ve done that in…..

Getting out of the house today and writing somewhere new, probably Acre Coffee in Santa Rosa.  After 9:30 call and a couple chores done around here.  Laundry, I’m tackling it today and with firm vehemence.  Need to.  The pile is beginning to scare me a bit and annoyed at self for not tending to it like my mother does theirs.

Project from this condo… 3rd floor toward EOD.  Waiting on call….  Anxiety this morning, and it’s supposed to be the second of my two days to self.  Forget about everything.. relax.  Espresso done.


Busy morning that’s for sure.  Getting rid of as much paper as I can.  Would love to be paperless… need some backup drives or memory sticks.  Not in budget presently, so I have to make sure everything is updated and uploaded to cloud.

Another cup, then stopping.  Will get out of office a little later…. OH, need to call the lab, see if they have that kit for my screening appointment.  So annoying, and for a fucking part-time assignment.  Oh well, one minute…