Keep moving…. My only solution.  Dwelling and obsessing, thought whether excessive or just consistent can’t be tolerated.  Urgency, it’s more than that.  All project with the same priority level.  Finish ALL of them.

Wine writing tonight… reviving the #vinovinevin blog, practice for this project and documenting all steps in my wine story going forward, especially now being on a budget and unable to buy wine like I used to, which is fine.  In fact, it’s beautiful.  Adding more dimension and relatability.  Most wine consumers will see and feel my perspective, that I’m not bottle boasting or shaming.  I get what I like, and can afford.  Simple.

Wine and what it is.  A drink yes, but a collection of efforts and stories.  Not what these publication put on shiny covers.  Been thinking about this more and more as I get older… all the prestige or perceived prestige and talking, scores, self-anointed “influencers”.  Always wondered what they think they influence, and when some call themselves writers…. Oh my god I’m with no reaction or written way.  Dumbfounded, speechless from their dumbness.