Wow, already?  Out of shower, one last sip of coffee, and soon out the door.  Day is beautiful.  Friend Sara from old Santa Rosa neighborhood messaging me about the wine I had last night after Mom and Dad left, the Pax Chenin Blanc.  Told her it was so good, and it was, but I want to say more and don’t have the time now.  Writing assignment for later.  Think there are a couple glasses left.  In fact I’m sure there are.

First step out of shower listening to the Tycho track playing, can’t remember which one, I was halted by gratitudes grip. Messaged Kerri wishing her a good day, forgot to earlier.  Excited for her and her new assignment at the wine company, right up her alley that business model and what she’s helping build.

Quiet in office, no music now.  Eager to get outside, then reluctant.  Can’t believe I live here, in this condo, the loft upstairs, my bathroom and how it’s like a hotel suite one.  Disbelief coupled with gratitude, and desirous of more, of EVERYTHING, all at the same time.  

Finally one of the mad ones.