First thing, music.  Feel better

after talking to friend last night at Sweet T’s over a couple glasses.  Journal jumping today, my mission.  MEANING, typing here then scribbling in the Paris Journal.  Curious as to what that’ll produce.

No Noto this morning.  Have to save.  Set espresso atop closed AE laptop.  Remember I have to log in. No interest.  8:32… hear another airplane fly over and past this part of Windsor.  Forgot how close to the SoCo Airport I was.  And if not close then in their traffic pattern, or lane, sky, you know what I mean.

Thinking about my small business envelope, and wondering what it’s for.  Café?  Wine shop/bar?  Or, maybe just me.  Investing myself, my writing… this blog in some new way.  Don’t think I need to know right now, I mean I can’t sense any imperative angle or insistence with it.  So…. Moving on.

Nearly time to jump to Paris.  Hopefully next year, Feb, I’ll be there.  Preferably by myself, but who knows.

New shifts and movements around conversations…. Focusing on MY conversations with this page, Mike Madigan as a character, the AE story.  What’s more palpable, valuable, at least now.

Touch chin…