Back from the field, only a couple what I would call leads or conversations. 

Almost 3:30.  What’s for dinner.  No idea.

Follow up on leads now, or at least a couple of them.  See who has what, if anything…

Some of the leads are open, will contact each tomorrow.  What now…. Hate that I ask that so often.  Yesterday’s mail, open the rest.  How exciting.

List of calls to make tomorrow.  And running in the morning, NO FAIL.  Didn’t get out again today and I have nothing that would even be considered an excuse much less a good one.

Me, my attitude now, relatively zen.  No anxiety or preoccupation with anything, or anyone.  Excited to see co-worker and friend at 5:30.  Sweet T’s, love that place honestly.  The bar and writing there or watching a Giant’s game, that one night I took myself on a dinner date… something about simple joys like that now have more gravity and volume when they find their way to my pages.

3:57, maybe time for an early beer and the news in a sec.  Or, walk to Oliver’s.  Going with the former, keeping expenses to a min’.