Brought the jar of coins downstairs, one of day’s set errands.  How much do I think is inside? 

Game with myself… for some reason $52.36 popped into my head, so I wrote that amount on a post-it and pressed it against the har’s lid.  See how close I get.

Started prospecting, but differently.  What else can I do.  One of the AAE’s set a call for us tomorrow.  Two sites, no sure how promising it is.

Going on LinkedIn, looking for cybersecurity specialists.  Surely they or someone they know needs reliable internet, right?  Planning my next move…. Notes, points to hit, present.  Feeling better about everything now…. Work, the divorce front, money…. 

Father’s Day this Sunday…. No winery.

9:37 still prospecting, and getting tired of doing so.  So why am I?  Well, not really prospecting but looking for connections and conversations.  But, I can say I’m trying, honestly.

Dying to know how much is in jar.  What am I doing with what’s converted… SMB envelope.  But what’s the SMB going to be?  No idea…. Saw post by Sara Blakely yesterday about not quitting your day dream.  Changed my attitude, and mind about a few things.  More later.