Thinking more about this bookending idea, starting the day with a smile and gratitude and

ending it identically.  8:30, just back from Café Noto where I decided to treat myself.  Adding to smiled sense.

Beautiful outside.  Have a call at 10:30 with the billing department regarding a question of serviced and what to be billed when.  Confusing, which is just why we’re having this “meeting”.  After that, into the Field.

Entered Noto receipt.  Trying to have no receipts to enter, always.  Soon as they are here, they’re entered and tossed.  One of the many changes I’m trying to arrange and have permanent.

Nervous about this Thursday, picking up kids and how much my workday will be interrupted.  Then Friday…. The stress almost too much.  But there’s only so much I can do as a single parent, working.  So… not letting it ruffle or rile.  It’s the story, I’m the character, and simply onward.

No music yet.  Loving the sound void, but not knowing what to write.  The day is still incredibly new.  Older man walks by this office’s window, slow and slightly hunched.  Reminding me, of course, time.  I’ll be there one day…. Move quicker, stop dwelling.