Still tired, trying to wake up.  Missing my kids, see them tomorrow.  Taking quick power nap for lunch, just off call with prospect and AAE Daniel.  Then I wake up, don’t want to rest… “Dude, what is going on with me today?” say to myself, remember Lawson interview I watched yesterday where she said she’s always writing.  I need to write every thought that swims through my synapses.  All of them…

My pet rabbit Bubba growing up, summers with Auntie Linda and Uncle Stevie, my sister and I out to dinner the other night… this condo in Windsor, something I’ve dreamt of for years, fantasized about like it could only be a fantasy.  What am I doing tonight…. Friend of a friend invited me to some trivia thing down the street.  Should I?  NO.. I should be here working… have a landing page for #mikemadiganblogger.

Looking at the 1:30 call with Mark as an opportunity.  No fear or anxiety surrounding.  Lunch after… run from 5 to 6, if you can, I say to myself.  There needs to be a new shift…. One emphasizing wine, writing, this blog and what blogging is and means…. More postmodernist twist and quip.