In office with a beer, annoyed at some people but not expanding. 

Everything thought right now is exhausted…. New opportunity approaching, which of course makes me happy and relieved 

Lunch was late, so not at all hungry.  No idea what to do tonight… may do some trivial thing with a friend.  Did I mention that?  Trivia… hmmmm.  Guess it could be fun.  Last time I did anything lie that was at Ausiello’s in Santa Rosa, like 2009 or ’10. It was a guys versus girls night and I remember being with all my friends from St Francis Winery.  Seems like a different life, and it was.  So, yeah, maybe I’ll go tonight.  It’ll be nice to get in a walk to the Green.

Look out the window and the trees move.  Windsor, at least this part, neighborhood, seems to be windier than anywhere else.

Sip of the IPA and I’m finally relaxing in the day.  Today was significant in weight and impact.  Trying to forget certain aspects, people and their communications whether voice.  I’m just not doing certain consistencies.  No more.  Have to quit.  Like a smoker, or ice-cream indulger.  DONE.

Listening more closely to my Composition.