A Weather Now Touch

Already sent emails, made a couple calls both resulting in voicemails left.  Smooth jazz playing for background noise.  Going all out in this AE story, today.  Need to email the college for book order, email students a quick note and very easy and inviting prompt.  Telling your own story, narrative, using what you have and making it a gallop of pages that you the author enjoy reading.

9:30, latte more than half full.  Proud of myself I must say for scaling back on caffeine consumption.

Director Mark just sent an email saying if you didn’t submit your July update and August forecast to please do so now.  Huh, another thing I’m proud of, my doing, of ME, myself, doing mine first thing this morning.  Touching the keys even before 7am.

Running at EOD, launching at 4:30.  Going out to the field around 11.  Need to get in shower at 10, 10:15, shave, be ready to speak.  Walk around.  My day seeming more organized than it usually is.  Huh, I say to myself, what am I doing differently?

Mom gifting me a new mask, saying “Drink Coffee, Write Books, Be Happy”.  While sweet and thoughtful, this may be the most instruction dart ever to land on my meta-surface.  A new business plan.  Is it?  YES.

Sales… where I am.  Need to be out there.  As in, both meanings of the phrase.  In the street and moving, and more wild and whim-put.  Like I did with yesterday, Saturday as well.  Let the story come to me but be in a position for it intersection and voice.  Things quiet, I think of what else to do.  Take a shower, shave, ready for the Field sooner rather than later…

But can I just enjoy my morning for a little bit?  I mean, am I allowed to do that on a Monday morning?  Drink coffee, write my fucking book, and be happy?  No stress?  Just enjoyment?  Forgetting it’s Monday or even what the fuck Monday is, or is supposed to mean?  Well, that’s what I’m doing.

Not thinking about the shift or any email that I have coming my way.  I’m just gleefully floating, not chained, a new cloud.  Newness in all my cells and synapses.  This is the business plan Mom taught me.  It’s that simple.  The same way Lawson writes and thinks.  And any mood that finds me is a goddamn liar.  This is me, how I am now, for my kids I thought while driving them to the first of their final Summer Camp days.  “Love you, Dada.”, Emmie said closing the door.  I watched her walk to her little camp clique.  That’s my baby girl, I’m her dad, I have kids, they need me and need me to be a certain way.  I think I finally know what that is.  

Thanks, Mom.

Feel yesterday’s run.  Only 5k, but the hills make is more immediate and connective.  Like the new business—

Interrupted by a call.  Prospect wanting service.  A good call, elevating my mood again.  Today is something new, something different.  

10:22?  How’d that happen?  Shave, shower, music….