Much later in the day, 5:29, Wheat Thins and Sauvignon Blanc, kids loud in the backyard.

Several of the neighborhood kids like always.  In office now, and hope to be here throughout night.  Not much an eventful day, really, but that was the point.  Kept reminding self to let the story steer the character.  And the story told me to relax.. getting haircut then home for quick lunch before heading to Mom and Dad’s to water their plants – oh, before heading to Healdsburg for cut stopped by….. can’t say, something for shift – then to get Jack from baseball practice and take him to the comic book store as promise.  He was so happy, this morning talking about it for most of early hours then when showed up to watch him bat he was visibly distracted knowing what he’d been waiting for is only minutes away – the trip and the daddy present of “magic cards” I promised him.  Got Emmie a comic book too.

Then here.  Time moving like a riled wild boar.  In a mean charge.  


Book challenge, me versus me.  Learning more of Mike Madigan’s manuscript.  Who is he and what does he want….  We should all investigate and excavate this.

Had a business call earlier while at parents’… new project.  Yes, another.