from this morning

Woke early from a goddamn fly that must have not even snuck into the house while the front door was open last night for however long, but just invited itself in.  Checked out the house, decided it was perfect for harassment, and stayed.

…gather more useful leads and get something on the fucking scoreboard.  It’s not me, I know.  I know how to do what I do as an AE, I know how to sell and even if I didn’t my beat and hunger and consistency would bring in ink.  And I’m paired with a Sales Engineer, which is nice.  Yeah, nice, but still nothing for August.  I know, I know…. Calming.

The thought of letting, daring, the story to come to you as a character.  Not knowing what will next occur and who cares.  Go out and take pictures today, my heart says.  With your phone.  Camera is up at Mom & ad’s and not charged.  Use the equipment you have, I say to myself.  Photo still an idea, a dominant and instrumental possibility for this blog, for Bottledaux as a company… media… need to be on camera more, I know.  Speaking, using not just still shots but video as well.  Maybe a drive to Alexander Valley, shoot the vines, see where they are in veraison.  The Cabernet along 128, has to be by now.

Espresso in the latte won’t let me stop writing, or stop selling this idea of Bottledaux as a multimedia company and publishing body to ME.  I’m already sold though.

Are you?  Prove it.  Go sell it to someone.


This is the day’s project.  BOTTLEDAUX.  But in a different way, more volume and intensity, vigor and voice.  Bottledaux and how it speaks to me, like a geography of infixes I keep trying to interpret and value estimate.