from this morning

A second ago was narrating to self, in past tense, that everything I was doing was a project, an action to be recorded, but while happening.  “Mike put on his sock and couldn’t hold in the yawn anymore.  Once let out he stood up as quick as he could and walked over to the coffee machine, the Keurig, and took the near empty little box of pods from the top where it rested overnight. Only 1 pod left…. ‘Goddamnit’ Mike said.” 

Not sure why my head was doing that.  It does from time to time, but this morning was different.  Even now I can hear it, between ears and behind eyes, “All Mike wanted to do was finish a goddamn book, but it was near impossible he thought with everything going on.  What if he didn’t accept that thought anymore?”  No idea why I’m speaking like this to self this morning, and for this long.  Usually when it happens the duration is maybe a couple minutes.  I’d say this has lasted for a better 20 minutes.

7:14am and no one awake.  Oh…. Except for I think Jack who I just heard move above me.  First couple sos of coffee and I can already feel—  Stopping sentence, written that before I’m sure.

Company-wide meeting later today, around 2 I think.  Another virtual one.  Reports still due.  Will try and get them done by end of day.  Try.  Or ask for an extension till Monday which I’m all but certain I’d get.

No idea what I’m doing this weekend.  None.  Nothing I really want to do other than hang out with the little humans, maybe do our traditional daddy breakfast tomorrow or Sunday (probably tomorrow I expect them to request it).

You know what, I’m letting Mike enjoy his Friday, Fridays.