Communicated more pricing, and about to leave.  Still no run yet.  Not thinking about it.  Feeling done for day.  Had a grilled veggie burrito from Oliver’s.  Perfect.  Wasn’t too full, wasn’t left famished.

Just told by an old friend to keep writing.  Nothing makes me happier than when ANYONE says that to me.  Was in response to a poem I post on Instagram, a rewrite of part of a verse I wrote I believe in ’08.  Made my day, like it always does.  Tells me more focus on verse, poems, shorter paragraphs… be a poet, not a writer.  A MUSICIAN.

Get build cost back from one of the Engineers, and I think that’s my call to roll.

The day recovered, or I did.  Didn’t have the most yay-saying vision and feel in the inaugural hours, I’ll be honest.