Did a call, sent some emails….

Trying to get more creative with prospecting and what I guess you’d call “networking”. Another idea, keeping in journal, not posting here.

Have to keep attitude in tact.  Will write more to self throughout the day, in journal… one line per communication.

Taking a bit of a writing break.  Office is quiet.  12 hours and 37 minutes into fast.  Run later in day, I tell myself.  Yes, an EOD run would be something helpful in so many ways and facets.

Looking for old pictures that say something, about me and how I arrived where I am now.  Laptop in the side room of the Roth tasting room, I think.  Years ago, with an old coffee mug right to side, left.  The quiet in the morning before the day would take off…. What I feel now, but different, and older.

Mask is on, the Kerouac one, but pulled down just below and somewhat against front face of chin.  Not sure what to do in terms of prospecting or calls, nothing happening.  Frustration again grips all lobes and nerves and synapses.

Time for leave.  Being in this office helps nothing, at least now anyway.