Typing with a latte as you might guess and expect.

New on.  Commercial now.  Was up at 3 and wrote a little around 3:30 I think.  Will post later.  Driving up here thinking about happiness, and how one captures the degree or type and intensity of happiness they’re after.  The commercials are beginning to annoy me, so TV off and music on.

I watch for a little longer then the Republican gubernatorial candidates start talking and I immediate push POWER.  Off.  Music, save me….  Nothing against Republicans, but politics this early… no.

8:15, caffeine working.  Now Mr. Coltrane.  Probably my favorite track.  If you’ve read my pages, you know.  More relaxed.  Not stressing about quota, or the reports that were due yesterday, prospecting.  None of it.  Just more connecting to the Now, where I am.  

Just realized, today is day 361 of my 365 project.  How did that happen.  Well, I know… time.  No stress over it.  I’m here, this is what I have to work with…. So quiet, so relaxed.  No interest in “working”.  Watched an interview with Jenny Lawson yesterday, had me thinking about essays, humor, how humor can solve things.  

Quick to journal…. Capture.