Cleaning this morning. Shit and various papers off the desk’s top.

Simplification, consolidation.  Much to do with the shift, but as well for ME.  Imagine that…..

Second coffee, no Starbucks.  Made self a PBJ for lunch.  No more lunches on square, which I haven’t done in a while, but still.  Last one was that putrid tuna or chicken salad – not sure what the fuck it was – sandwich from the cheese factory.  Owner’s a great guy and I’m sure the sandwiches made upon request are great, but my last to-go there was sickening.  And, I think like $8-something.  No thanks.

Budget set for week.  Will be tight, but that’s the point.  Put more $$$ into business, site, production.  Another idea last night having a glass of wine with Westwood Drew, wine-related so I’m not too quick to jump but the possibility still quakes in my thought architecture.

Again… narrative, business.  This blog, and what else… watching the kids play I again am instructed to do the same.  Stop thinking so much, start playing more.

News saying more covid cases and possible mask mandate reinstatement.  Fuck, really?  Great.

Yesterday’s Sebastopol run not what I expected.  Too much looping …