Back from Berkeley, 3:01, in Sonic office.

Gathered some new leads and was reminded of old ones while walking.  On drive down, thought about being past what I immediately do.  The bigger picture I guess you’d say.  Happiness, Health, Mental Health, many of my usual tags on a blog post.

Stopped at Del Valle for lunch but was so preoccupied with the shift and AE story, and the fact I’m not running today ‘cause in my rush to get out the door and on the Road I forgot my running shoes.   Not a valid excuse, but the truth.  Though of that as well, the Truth.  The most truthful sentence one can write, or book one can put together.  Why lie, why embellish, why evade any specifics?

Writing in one of the side offices.  First time I’ve done this.  Have this table completely mind, set up like a desk.. business cards, phone cord, 5×7 notepad, pen.  This room is mine, the day is… EVERYTHING.  Thinking of driving downtown, working somewhere.  Not yet, say to myself.  Stay in mood, mode, here.  The quiet, reassuring.

Everything is material.  Everything I see walking around this building, in this new room for me.