notes time real

Up early, went back to sleep for about 90 minutes or so and have been here at desk since…. Early 7-something.  7:47 now.  Sent flight plan to director and reports from last week.  Planning on going to Field, handing out cards, being seen.  No sales yet this month and it’s dominating my thoughts.  Not going to prospect, but just say hello, enjoy a walk and the town of… wherever I go.

Couple calls planned for day, concerning the shift.  Running as well, speed work on belt again.  Day is planned and more or less set in stone or marble or some wall of Mike Madigan’s attitude Architecture.

9 hours Ito fast and on first coffee made here in home.  Forcing this day to do what I want.  Get out there, I remind myself.  In the Field, office time is beginning of day and toward EOD.  Writing only about sales today, the AE story, how I turn the month around – being at $0 TCV as of 7/12/21 @ 07:58.

Think about it, I say to myself, “How do you generate your own leads… what is the most sensible and straightforward way?”

More realtime notes.