Sent flight plan to director and catch myself overthinking, massively.

Work from Starbucks on Stony Point, that’s my plan.  Then, Field.  Run around HQ today… work late, get ahead of self in week.  Imposter syndrome this morning, like I have no idea where to start or what to do.  I know this is in my head, and I’m trying to expel it with espresso, just taking a bit this morning.

Get out into the Field, I tell myself again. Maybe to Berkeley today, or tomorrow.   Need more prospecting efforts and to be as wildly creative as I can.  I know that’s the key.  When an AE told me recently that he nearly never prospects, that he relies on his own network – which isn’t a bad idea – and inbound leads, I was a bit surprised and confused.  With a quota as high as his, how does he survive?  No judgement, just wondering.  Need to do what others don’t, I wrote in journal….

Shave, shower, steps on cement…. Thinking of my office and how I’ll get there.  Now I have that bridge forming, from this shift – promise land nearing.

Update journal 1 & 2 (new names) …. Inventory observations.

(9 hours into fast.)