A Little

1pm, thinking about the run this morning in relation to yesterday’s.  Today I logged 4.01 in Windsor, new route.  Yesterday 3.17 if I remember right around Sonic HQ.  Felt yesterday’s more, in terms of not so much pain but just the impact and exercise speaking to me.  Today I felt primed and prepared.  No pain, no exhaustion… tomorrow hoping to break 5, or m maybe even hit 6.3.  Hoping.  I need to start the run slower, like just above a walking pace.  Running is now the only page beat and thought climate about me….  This new story and shift already shows me what’s already been but I’ve just never looked close enough, something like that.  Not sure.  Still calibrating, till settling into new character – Mike Madigan, writing in a café in Cotati, where he used to have lunch with roommates and study at SSU…. Now I’m here, at this age, after running today’s run, after this new shift.  New book being born, then one after that, then another.

Plan after this is to drive, listen to music.  Study instrumentals, look for attributes I want in my own beat.  Yes I’m returning to music, but not with spoon word, just instrumentals.  Something I’ve wanted to do for years but there’s been an obvious obstruction.  No more.  Now, everything is music – this café, the garden burger when it gets here, my drive after.

Tomorrow’s run… where.  Maybe some speed work, at the Rohnert Park ’24’.  Tentatively that’s my declaration.  Making this running life a true Holy Contour, Beat and poetic sequence for me.  MY story.  This new Mike Madigan.  Just getting to know him, and so far our blend is amiable.  Startlingly symphonic.  Everything a song, all sounds can be used – the ice being scooped out of the freezer behind me, the clanking of forks and other silverware int he kitchen…. This is incredible.  I’m falling in love like I never have – Music’s been waiting for me.