Independent Seat Of ONE

Just finished a rough draft, over a thousand words.  Letter I need to send.  Taking time now to close day, re-adjust how I speak Sonic and its fiberoptic network.  Was in the Field a bit, San Rafael.  Then drove to 24 and did some speed work.  Could only do 4 miles, which upset me.  Think I’m getting tired of the treadmill.  So tomorrow I’ll be running around where the kids have camp, Airport Blvd, down one side to the airport, maybe do some side streets, then head back.  Would love to get 6 miles in… be at 10 for the week.  Take next day off, maybe, or do like 5k, then another longer distance Thursday, maybe 4 on Friday, then have weekend off.

Seriously shifted, my writing vertical.  If I have a vertical— just had an idea for prospecting, fitness tech companies in the Bay…. 4:52, working at a café.  Imagining I’m in Paris, writing my book on running – one of dozens – while running all over Paris.  Then all over the world.

The Holy Contour of my running declaration beats with more life, more music.  Alive like I never have been.. will be back out tomorrow, on pavement.