8:49am. At desk with music. Sent a couple emails already this morning.

Only writing for the AE story today.  My commitment to self and the story.  Couple client service issues to address, then prospecting, and in the most wild way I know how.  Driving back from kids’ camp I thought of a drawing board – on one side, Sonic.  The other, Bottledaux.  How to connect the two in a more voluminous and immediate way…. So I don’t have to prospect as much, and not rely on inbounds.  So that people are calling ME… rushing into the shop like a Starbucks or some local favorite café.  Aim of the day, to solve this equation, and that’s quite frankly how I see it.

Letter sent, now to Ae notebooks… About EVERYTHING.  Have a couple errands later in day, keeping my beat…. I turn around the AE story today… SALES, the focus.  Telling stories.

Need to be out of house.. thinking the Starbucks on Stony Point.  Take a shower first, I remind myself – and this entry just bores me.  Yesterday walking around, and the drive to San Rafael, thinking about travel, travels and trips I have ahead of me.  Running all Roads…