With that Monday feeling, and I hate it.

Like I have so much to do and I can’t get my nose above the waterline.  I know this isn’t true, and the day has just started.  Not even.  8:40.  Just took kids to summer camp.  They were so excited, especially Emma, to make new friends and play on the playgrounds she saw driving up to the building.

Just sent contract away, now to some account maintenance.  Sipping latte slow, need the caffeine to last as long as possible.  Chill jazz station I found on Spotify playing, definitely helping with my mood and Monday knots.

Call in a couple minutes with somewhat of a quirky prospect.  Then I have to email another like-individual.  May leave house in a bit to work at office.  Sipping the latte quicker now as I start to feel the tempt to nap.  Not sure I’ll win in my resistance.  We’ll see…

Getting on phone.

In conference room, or on conference bridge.  However you say it.  Still feel like I’m with a Monday coat and cloak.  On Monday’s clock….  Just stay int he chair, I tell myself.  Don’t go to the office.  Stay here.  Make this home office work.  Make it talk to you and work for you, work with IT – more than an it, but a story, rooms…

Latte done, me trying to connect more to the day.  Have another email to send but elected a writing break instead.  Strange feeling about me.  Like imposter syndrome, but different – more undefined.  Trying to assume an attitude like Emma and Jack this morning with their first day of camp, and that counselor that came out all bright and enthusiastic like you’d see in a move about the first day of camp, nearly so joyous and eager that you’re annoyed but still envious of their energy.

See a quote from Jack Kerouac posted on Facebook that a friend tagged me in, about writing being his duty on Earth.  Of course how I see myself and my obligation, purpose here on planet.