6:07, been up since early 5am hour.

Couldn’t sleep.  Whether I go to Pismo or not I have organizing to do today and tomorrow, over the weekend.  The Bottledaux idea has taken new turns that I never thought it would’ve.  I sometimes forget this was initially an extension of ‘mikeslognoblog’, which was primly intended for wine writing and communication.  Anyway, after hearing a story recently that spooked me quite a bit, about someone in the family living in a way that I never want to at 71, I’m only wanting to work, to build business, to see this blog become more than a blog, more than a publishing entity, more than a startup or business… so what then.  That’s the thing, I don’t know.  I want it to provide jobs, for me of course but others as well.  When I see the people at Sonic and how happy they, we, all are and how it came from an idea in Dane and Scott’s collective mind and conversation….  I think more, and see that Sonic is what I want.

Focus on business, I remind myself.  Shove to the side other voices.  And people, if you could call them “people”.