Calls and emails to start day.

A couple issues, if you could call them “issues”, resolved.  Will go to Field later in day.  Petaluma is still the target.   Not sure if a run will happen to day and I don’t concern with that at the moment, really at all.  Focused on building business and conversations surrounding Bottledaux, which IS Sonic.  That’s how I’m seeing it.  Not just a plain synergy, but a blending, a distinction of identities separate but harnessed. 

Drive to Petaluma…. Parking downtown.  Or on North McDowell.  Building everything today.

Time 10:11.  Latte right.  Planning to launch at 11:30.  2nd Street’s the initial target and striating point.  Just going to walk around, pass out cards, say hello.  That’s it.  Stop talking about it, I remind myself.  Don’t prospect.

Why do I keep writing about it?  Oh shit… grading….  Should’t even have that on my mind, honestly.  Why do you keep —

Overcast.  Or foggy-is.  It’s the house, get out of the house.  Build what you need to build… collective conversation.  What will I feel like at EOD?  Then I ask myself how I WANT to feel.  Noted, and that’s what I’m after.  No compromise.  EVER.