People walking by in no rush. Eased day.

Think about their stories, then focus on my own, and how I got here, to 42.  Three kids.  No way am I teaching in Fall.  I will do everything I can over this summer with my business to DECIDEDLY prevent that from happening.  Go all in with the AE story and sea.  Telecom, internet, blogging, sales….  Feel myself typing too fast.  Slow down with latte sips.

Talked to old friend yesterday after buying running shoes, Dwight.  Now a burgeoning loan agent.  Leaving the wine industry and he’s more than happy with it, and me happy for him I told him while planning a meeting soon.  He talked about prospecting, after I said how much I love how he texted me earlier asking if I knew anyone looking for a loan or to re-fi.  “Dwightsy, hitting up everyone he knows, prospecting, I LOVE IT!” I said to him at the beginning of the call.. he motivated me to do more, start more conversations, meet more people, see where it goes… build community, and I mean REALLY BUILD.