11:50, may leave in a bit, go for a drive, take some vineyard pics with this new phone.  LoFi beats in ears.  Just what I need, time to self.  Thinking is my enemy lately, and not just some obstructor.  Deliberation and contemplation, even meditation only blocks.  I look around me in this part of Santa Rosa, realizing I’m bored with it.  And this realization comes again, and again, week after week.  Not sure what to do about it just yet.  One approach is writing about the wine industry from a. Humorous angle, how people talk about wine country and how beautiful it is – one reaction from me is, “Yeah well have you ever driven along Stony Point?”

Supposedly we’re going to a vineyard today for lunch and some tasting.  My first thought is “Great, more fucking wine…” The other, just go with it.  Not with ‘the flow’ as it were, but IT.  The story.  What is.  Where you are and what you’re doing, what’s occurring.  Speak less, observe more and write it all later.

Just found a quote by Henry David Thoreau, about the fault-finder finding faults even in paradise.  Interesting.  Know a couple people like that, unfortunately.  Rather than finding faults, we ought look for lesson, or opportunities.  Like Dad said recently about something, “See it as an opportunity.” That bluntly.  Never forgot it.  What I’m doing now, on the day I turn 42, NOW.