Home. Looks like we’re going to the winery. Okay… you can do this.

Don’t let the kids drive you absolutely batshit.  It’s your birthday.  Need to shave, or at least a partial shave.  Do hair.  Look nice, for myself.  It’s my fucking birthday, snap out of it.  Just watched my friend’s story on Snapchat and she’s fucking hilarious and random and brilliant.  She reminds me to see more humor in absolutely everything… the fact that I drank wine with the neighbors again and all the kids were in their backyard, this one family’s, watching some show and we all heard them yelling, “TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT OFF….” We all looked at each other like ‘What the fuck?’ Joe the sheriff went back there and they were watching that masked singer show, they wanted him to revel himself.  When Joe came back from checking we all laughed, and I thought…. Huh.  What were we thinking they were watching?

Why can’t I keep this goddamn desktop clean and clear?  Seriously, it’s an issue, and issue that I make an issue and more of an issue by not dealing with the issue.  Does that make sense?  Yes, I’m an idiot.