9:10 dressed and showered, shaved ready for drive to Sonoma.

After this weekend and month really I’ll be going down to two weekends.  Growing out of wine, have long since grown out of tasting room life.

Not the nest birthday I’ve ever had for reasons I don’t need to get into, but I can direct the ship toward another shore.  Kids upstairs quiet, Jack and Emma, while others are STILL asleep.  Hoping the big wifi contract my Engineer and I have been working on.  And if it doesn’t, there’s an opportunity of course Dad would say.  Find more prospects that size.

Hoping today’s light, no much traffic in my friend’s little tasting room on East Napa.  Want him to do well, but I want a certain type of day.  Supposed to be quite hot, well over 90.  That should keep people away, at home for barbecues and pool parties and what be.

An ice cube, me at the keys without warning.  This, a symptom of age.  I can’t ‘Kerouac’ at the keyboard as I used to, getting out 1000 words on a 30 minute Kunde lunch break.

Somehow I can change that.  My project for the day.