Here I go.  Telling self it’s DAY ONE.  Writing at the Fulton sbux, outside.  Haven’t written here since far before the pandemic, and never outside, always in.  Sipping 3-shot latte slow, enjoying weather.  What do I want to do with this Day ONE mentality.  The circles are getting  boring.  Should’ve stayed home honestly, and not elected the drive to Windsor then cruise to this spot.  But here I am.  Thinking about music since I woke this morning, watching Henry while his siblings upstairs played quietly and others slept. What do I want to do with it….. instrumentals, beats, the ambient/trip-hop texture and dimension I used to play with.

Feel like I’m still waking up.  Almost took a nap but got self out door.  Then thought, artists don’t sleep.. business people neither, and I’d like to fancy self both.

Sip again, waking up, I think.  People wishing me happy birthday, to make it an epic day, to CELEBRATE.  All I want to do is work… create.  Media, media company, another thought from morning.  SHIT… should charge the camera Mom and Dad got me, look into getting another one.  What about the music?  Why do I need to make a decision now, just move.

Last night with wine and neighbors.  Kicking self for doing so now.  Should have gone to desk, worked.  Still though, enjoyed the conversation I guess.  Especially with a couple that really enjoys wine, told stories about tasting, said they liked the Pinot I opened.  Not even really sure why I had the wines I did, and as much.  Wine anymore, not saying anything to me.  At all.  In fact, I think it just ages me.  Goddamnit.  The other day drove to Bottle Barn and nothing spoke to me, asked myself a few time while there looking at the imports and types and  regions and producers I’d never tried – WHY AM I HERE?