10:02am calls done, short writing break.

Posted a couple pictures and quick video.  Stories from my life on replay, some I haven’t give a sliver of mind in years.  One from second grade where I tried to get points by my name on the board, by sitting perfectly with hands folded and strait as a city light post.  The student next to me, Lisa H, said something like “You don’t have to do that, you can just be relaxed like this and get points…” Sure enough, right after her words, Mrs. Garber gave her like three fucking marks.  “WHAT THE FUCK?” I say now, rewatching this scene.

Emma’s teacher this morning telling me that she’s doing great as a Pre-K-er in a Kindergarten class, that she just rises to the occasion and does everything.  What an idea, I said to her teacher, “We should all do that.” I said.  More or less what I just did with my calls, picked up the phone and spoke, whether to human or voicemail.

Shorts on, getting into running readiness.  Charging Garmin a little more.  Walking outside to see air’s feel…. No exaggeration, perfect weather for a longer run.