Internet issues, and no caffeine.

Already had latte.  Off early today says the director.  1pm for how well we did this month.  Run has to be done before then.  Shooting for an hour today.  If my aging structure allows.  Internet decides to work so much in motion…. 8:59, Friday calls to make but as you know I never start at 9 or even 5 minutes after 9.  About to turn 42, shook away those birthday blues or whatever’s been sticking to me and infecting my sight and interpretations across situations.  The room welcoming, send MAF a note wishing her a good day and set of meetings.  Have to restart computer, one program not connecting, Microsoft Teams.  I hate that program if you want to know, which you probably don’t.  Why wouldn’t you though, such a thought is so exciting.  Computer taking forever to restart, that wheel just going and going and ……

Stuck and I keep reminding myself I can write about any of this shit on my desk.  Student texted me earlier, needing an extension on his final essay.  Shocked.  Says he sent me an email and I should get back to him when I have a chance.  See?  This is exactly why I don’t want to adjunct anymore.  I respond, giving him an extension till 11:59pm on Monday the 31st.  He lists all his issues, all of which are legitimate and serious, and something I can’t imagine honestly.  Sure he could be fibbing or embellishing, but what if he’s not.  I decide to be the nice human, the empathizer, and sincerely so.  I know I’m doing the right thing, the kind thing, so into my day with no weight in or on head.

Queue first call.  These inbound leads are more an exercise than anything, few ever materialize into something impressive, with the exception of that one Berkeley account.