4:21pm, back home and thrown into dad world.

Open Hop Shovel, one of Bear Republic’s Double IPAs.  People outside but not in mood to chat and waste time like last night.  Need to stay at desk.  Work on this business and not going to look at it like a #prospecting effort or website.  About EVERYTHING, I keep saying this.  The day has turned dull, and my initial response is to frustrate rather than re-frame it.  Bored with the desk and certain specifics… so use the Sedaris method of if nothing’s happening make it like something or many things did.  How did he word it?  Oh, if nothing much happened he’d have a lot to say.  YES.  That needs to be more my attitude and sitting and sense, my skip in everything.

My attitude is still shit.  And the kids outside with all their talk and approaching Henry unnerve me.  Emma left the fridge door open after coming in a bit ago to look for a juice box.  I get up to close it and just in the 20 or so seconds I was away from desk the volume outside escalates, and drastically.  Like vikings just marauding to maraud, for no reason other than to make noise and ride around.  Hear a door slam in garage.  Part of me wants to get up and inspect and tell them to stop but what will that do really.

Targeting me, my self and mood.  What is your problem?  Snap out of it doesn’t do it.  More like, STOP BEING SUCH A LITTLE BITCH.  Too hard on self, or not enough?  Hear neighbors’ stupid Rottweiler barking.  Why haven’t they moved yet?  I heard the bought a house, and were out of escrow, so…..  It still barks.  Maybe I should take it for a walk, on the train tracks.