6:07pm: One of the busiest days as an AE, ever.

Contract coming in for two sites.  At like 67 percent of quota, I believe.  Need to stop doing that though, quota chasing.  Even though that’s technically inevitable given the position.  Requests for two contracts, will send them out Monday.

Just wrote self-assessment portion of JPR.. now relaxing, somewhat, but still at desk.  Neighbors kids so loud I just want to move out.  Rosé on desk, as well as a small snack… content.  Relaxed, at least until Jack and Emma come home.  Jack getting picked up from practice.  Couldn’t watch him today as I had to catch up on some to-do’s after watching all 3 mini-humans earlier for the better part of an hour.

Ditter came over, got his birthday gift.  3 bottles of Balletto. We tasted some Chardonnay, same winery, while he was here.  Gave him remainder of bottle.  Interesting guy, Mr. Ditter… need to more methodical and precise, thorough, when prospecting and assembling tech arrangements for businesses.

Want Bx to have a tech parcel, and I want it to be dominant.  Make this blog more than a blog, or publishing company….  A person with a blog, and that’s how they communicate – the idea.  How do I mold into actual body, flesh, functionality.  Would have to ask a developer, I guess….

Tomorrow at Caddis.  Honestly, my eagerness and excitement has me imprisoned.  I would not be even millimeter-ly surprised if I lose a little sleep thinking about the room, the glasses, bottles, people visiting…. Pretending it’s my little winery, label, extension of this blog and my wined pages.

This Rosé… different tonight.  Walking toward me with a slower more bewitching quip.  She recites more, teaches, tells me to stay with her, with wine, with the vineyards and all the pictures I’ve taken.  Use what pages have already been written… for the kids.  Bring them into this histoire de vin.  As it’s ALL for them – THEY, my life’s work.