Prospect tells me that he wants to sign the contract now but I need to make an adjustment. I make then adjustment. Silence.

Where are they.

You know what, I’m not stressing.  Using that tool my daughter does, pretending I’m crumbling up something and throwing it away.  Just tossing it over the shoulder, not interested if it makes it in the basket.  I’m throwing it away.

Had a call with Chris about tomorrow, taking me through each wine and confirming the Syrah project I have in mind.  Last night opening the Balletto that I bought during the day, yesterday.  Closer to what I like in a Syrah, and what I think people would prefer read from the commanding Rhone.  Needs a little more alc, and some spice.  Cinnamon?  I don’t know.  Something.

Chris is leaving me a bottle of his Livermore Syrah tomorrow to study and taste.  Not too familiar with Livermore wines, shamefully.  I remember that one wedding years ago at Mitchell Katz, and then of course Wente, but not much else… oh, Concannon?  Yeah, they’re in Livermore.  (Actually, I had to check.  Wasn’t sure.  Thought they might be in Napa…)

Should be making calls, but I’m honestly not in the goddamn mood.  Want to read, write, run, taste more Syrah…. More wines, see what voices I meet and wha tI’d like in my barrel. 

There are a couple calls I’d like to make, just to check in, see what happens.  Make it look like I’m working.  And… more on blogging.  Want to start a blogging business.. a real one.  Something like a consultancy, but… more than that.  Again, don’t know.  The latte is REALLY working, now.  Finally.  What took the caffeine so long to claw my consciousness…

Stop the smooth jazz.  Makes me feel old.  Old as fuck, actually.  So, Tycho…. Imagine myself in the beach home with this track… “Daydream”.  Indeed.