8:42am. Heard that we’re moving into the red tier,

or zone, with this covid thing here in Sonoma County.  Who knows… it’s like with the fires, you hear this, then hear that, then hear something else…. Either way, I’m in the field every day next week.  Monday, driving to Berkeley, Tuesday is San Rafael and Novato.  Wednesday working from home, then Thursday more of Marin (San Rafael and Novato), and Friday is Sonoma County starting in Petaluma.  Hoping the SF contract lands today.  It should.  I mean, the guy sounded enthusiastic, we talked about wine and wine country, he even said that he’d be up this weekend with this family and I invited him to see me at Caddis.  But again, you never know.  The frustrating part of sales I guess.

Want to start a new project today, of some kind.  With running.  And yes, it’s heavenly outside just as the weather said and I hoped would be, so I’m running.  Launch at 11.  Down to Fulton and back, see how I feel.. hoping for a 45 minute run.  This latte is breakfast AND lunch.  Drink tidal-wave’s worth of water.  Fill one of those flasks the kids use.

Paid today, so I immediately do budget.  Setting aside some of the cash for my little winery, my barrel of Syrah this vintage that I hope to do with Chris.  That reminds me….  Should text him, do a call this morning, go through the wines… get oak and feel to them, of them.  When is that case from Chelsea set to arrive?  That’s another wine project…. Tend, today.

Running project…. 45 min & hour, hour-plus runs.  Break it up that way…. Can’t stop thinking about running.  My friend Mannie from Marketing told me about this app I should try.  He said it was a “game-changer”.  Downloading now, what the hell.  Treat to self on payday, like this latte.