3:33pm – Back home. Drove out to Balletto

to do some tasting while cleaning ladies did their thing.  Know it’s my house, but I always feel like I’m in their way and it’s awkward for them when I’m here.  Want them to work at their own pace and not feel like they’re being watched.  Probably another instance of overthought on my part, but that’s my head’s run when they’re here.  So, so conveniently I rationalized a trip to Balletto.  Tasted some sparkling their 2020 Rosé, a couple Pinots and to my immediate relevance a Syrah.  Bought a mixed case, with very distinct aim… study Chardonnay and Syrah.  Bought Ditter a stainless Chard and I now realize I should’ve bought one for myself, but I need to study oak interaction with the white Burgundy.  I want the Chardonnay at my eventual wine house to stand out like the Syrah.  And Merlot, Cab.  Want it to be dominant collaboratively with the other characters.

All I can think about now, at this time of day, is the winery.  Wine… touring and pouring, speaking out wine and how I found her, or how she found me.  When pulling into the Balletto parking lot I knew it was right that I was there, leaving the house as I did and bringing my work phone with me, tasting one offering then checking email… looking at the menu then messaging someone in another department.  One thing I might miss about the covid days – the unorthodox symmetry of everything.  I don’t know…

Should count how much is in the jar.  Just to see.. let’s say it’s $150… what could I do with that, I’d ask myself.  Honestly, probably nothing.  If I have Chris’ help, I’ll be able to do something, I hope.  I’m overthinking this.. it’s a dream, I remind myself.  Enjoy the dreaming.