Can’t do this much longer, just typing at the desk working at home or taking a writing break

from working.  Need to work remotely.  Waiting on approval for something, again.  Should go get eggs again, at that place up the street.  Or a burrito from Brinquito.  Sandwich from Oliver’s?  That way I could get in a drive.  Should fold laundry for a bit then depart, for …. Brinquito I guess.  The burrito sounds lovely.  Don’t want to wait for a sandwich then in line at Oliver’s.  Just the mood I’m in right now.


Or death.

Laundry put away.  Need something new.  And going to one of the same fucking lunch spots I always do doesn’t help.  So….  Just drive and see where everything takes you.  I guess.  No, go to Brinquito.  Guilty, sameness committer.

Cleaning ladies get here I think at 1, so I’ll go for another drive then.  Maybe a new winery.  Been meaning to stop at Woodenhead.  I always drive by their driveway when I go for my gotta-get-the-fuck-out-of-the-house cruises.  I remember them making really good Grenache. Was it Grenache, or….

Hungry.  Delirious.  Bored.