7:21am. Up before six, as thought I might be

with excitement of tasting room return.  Text on phone from old industry friend wondering if interested in some consulting work.  Just like that.  I’m seen as a wine person – be it writer or sales strength, marketing voice, whatever – I’m seen.  Putting more into wine story.  Aligning it with the AE notebooks then when time is right further consolidation.

Kids watching Saturday cartoons, early.  Little time to collect in office.  Shower done, dressed, more than ready for this day back.  Glasses, set-up, arrangement of tables outside (site still no indoor tasting, then surveying wines.

Sip coffee, do some budgeting.  What for lunch in Sonoma.  Possible Mom might drive out to say hi and bring one of her immortal ‘Mama ‘Wiches”, but I don’t expect that.  There’s a Mary’s up the street, maybe a salad since I’m eating more veggies.  Done, decided.

Kids ask for more waffles.  Then I want.  Or something.  Maybe I should… Don’t eat, just coffee.  Be hungry for day, for this opportunity – new story.

Wine, the story… what I’m doing up as I am.  Chairs and tables, streets… passing people that stop to taste with me.