7:49am: Me.

That’s what I’m focusing on.  Wine and AE story, yes.  But more so, HAPPINESS.  Maintaining a rhythm and rile, a galaxy of wildly spinning and embracing, enveloping happiness.

How to get there, throw it away like Emma says.  Any nay-saying nudges.  People that proclaim to be positive and loving but are just disguised bitter boulders and sour snakes that just want to bite and bite.

Looking forward to the drive out to Sonoma in a way I never have.  Today is NEW…. Today is ME.  MY story and my happiness.  From wine and the people passing the door on the square.  Being downstairs with the Big Kid Gang right now, hearing them in other room – all their funny voices and back-and-forth-ing, even the sounds of them chewing.  That’s what I use int his recipe of happiness.

What happens if you feel that dark frame and tone materialize? – THROW IT AWAY.

That simple.

Wine is made from love, dreams, happiness, family, pursuit, stubbornness in a way.  You will have it no other way but to be happy.

7:54am:  Still at desk.  Looking at these two bottles, dreaming of my vineyard, soon – approaching.