Coffee, sip, promise self a run to the end of Coffey later,

and back, then gather some small streets and loops around the house to keep it interesting.  Aim is 4, reach is 5.  Do again tomorrow, and tomorrow…. Love the shorter run.  And I’ll be back at those 8-mile lunch runs before long.

Opened the Mackey Red Blend last night.  Something literary, reminding me of why wine and why I got wine.  Why wine, I asked late-Chris Silva in an interview I did with him I think in ’10 or ’11.  Now I ask myself the same question, realizing I’m alive, here with my family, kids, doing well in business, all this opportunity stemming from wine…. So, then, why.

Well, as I said in ’06 when someone asked me why I’m into wine… the stories.  How everything in it’s a story.  Me here with Jackie and last night having one last glass before doing some writing and making coffee for the next day with I now slowly pull from in little blips, hoping to wake.

I want something from today, this weekend, that will put me at the doorstep of my office, wine shop.  What.  How.  The run hopefully will propel me to some reason or Road.