8:45, 6… $27.55 for a Starbucks run?

Got the kids a little hot chocolate and breakfast to celebrate the beginning of their vacation.  Doing some quick budgeting… 

Into several projects… #prospectesk, then beat making which in the past couple days it’s about more than music, but just life and the sounds in the day to day.  Even this, these typing sounds.

Tonight reserved for music, day for writing, in the moment, real-time as my friend Tasha would say.

Kids done with break’ and me with a 4-shot latte, which is probably more caffeine than I need right now after the tube of coffee earlier.  Sipping slow.

Wanting more music.  Create own on page.  Find way in the Saturday stray… wine aligned with time and each empty line…

Everything is music, especially wine.  Note more notes in journal and see Mike Madigan from a cliff tip.  Watching him write at a table, finishing a book in only a couple days’ cup.

Many parents see themselves as imprisoned from their aims, and they only accept dreams as dreams.  Not me.  I can’t.  That’s death, and I need to be more than alive for my babies, for everyone around me… be About EVERYTHING.

Taught more by this chair, counter.