Wine…. book is about wine.

I have three new bottles from the VC I could open, or the Tom Mackey bottle I bought today at Oliver’ after the sandwich order was ready.  After I ordered it I mean, is when I pulled from shelf.

Email from work.  A workflow for a new client has been popped.  Love how Sonic works, honestly. There’s a lot in the company I want to mimic with Bottledaux.  Can I pull this all-nighter that I’m thinking of doing?  With the new espresso machine, I’m thinking I can, and will.  Not sure why I’m so obsessed with baristas and the hour at which they wake, when they start prepping and making drinks.  Same with vineyard crews during harvest.  Or when I was in college… locking myself int he library or my room and finishing a paper and somehow making it over to Stevenson Hall for Bob’s Lit Analysis class.

Chinese food.  And the red blend.  Ask MAF, see what she thinks…

Yes.  What would pair with the wine.  Who cares.  People put way too much thought into that, wine and food.  Get food you enjoy, and wine that either you know you’ll enjoy or are nearly certain you will.