Didn’t post yesterday’s morning entry.

Think it was too long and I forgot.  Something happened.  Not this morning.  7:18, have to wake Emma…. Alll these mornings feeling the same, and I hate that.  Like the Bill Murray movie, or worse.

Last night’s wine, the cork broke and disintegrated on me.  And I will say I was pretty upset, being talked into buying those bottles.  The wine was actually not bad, just with little cork islands floating and circling, moving around in the bowl like some dragon, me, were chasing them.

Look through the smallest lining or break in the blinds.  The sky looks like morning that type of blue.  It has a feeling to it, a message and texture.  I don’t know.  What now, waiting for kids to come downstairs like always.  Sameness… today I’m breaking all habits, patterns.  Even with having to wake Emma in a couple minutes as I always do.  Pushing it back an extra ten minutes from 7:23 which gives me an extra 9 I think to write.  Hate math, even when I have to do small problems like that.  And I don’t even know how to describe ‘that’.

Jack sits in the office with me, on the couch, seeing me as I want him to, writing.  Have to post this to blog before I forget.  Calls to make today, then putting self out for the rest to organize and address other projects.

Cold in the house, like we’re in a snow zone, surrounded by those mounds just after a blizzard, the kind that creep up the side of your house and many times disable exit out the front door.

Ask Jackie if he’s brushed teeth and he just moans back.  “Alright, alright, alright…” I say.  Sip coffee, count words in this post.