The call to which I was looking the most forward didn’t answer.  Left a message.  The first call went better than I thought it would.  No ink yet for the week, but heard from one of the promising prospects from last week.  He just needs approval from ownership, or someone above him.

Jack starting to get a little crazy and I’m having difficulty holding in laughter, getting a bit batty from the early afternoon famine.  Have to fit in cycling at some point.  Be it tonight, or whenever.  Want to cycle and lift each day this week.

Telling self to take more notes.  And I did. One for the #prospectesk project.

No distractions today, and the disruptions from the kids and little Henry aren’t as sharp or severing as I thought.  Though now, everyone downstairs, and more noise.  With the hunger, a bit more of a felt pester.  It leaves my head.  Looking at a recent connection, and now an email coming in.  The AE story is it for me, and I don’t say that in any lowering or lachrymose action.

Wine, Running, Writing, Fitness, Health, Family, Love, the kids……. This is ALL in the AE act and story, sea as I say.  And it’s not sales.  I don’t wan to assign any tag or moniker or category.  It’s something else.  I honestly don’t know what it is.