I get home from getting coffee and gas

for the Suburu, find Emma filming Jackie giving a speech, then Jack begins narrating to his audience… “My daddy just got home, he works for Sonic which is an internet company, and now he’s washing his hands…” In that speech or voiced covering of the house’s internal events, I more become confirmed in my writing, how I write and what I write.  I do agree the kids need to not be on those devices as much, and I think the same for this writer, using more the 1948 journal… but I let them do what they do so I can capture it here.

Think they’re getting haircuts today, now sure.  Yes they are, I remember Shawn, the owner of the salon, telling me yesterday.  Was comical and educating getting my hair cut where my kids do yesterday, my covering or shield whatever that thing’s called they put over you and velcro behind your neck a Superman physique.  Took a picture with the lady who did my ‘do, Hannah, with horns out on hands, celebrating this new practice and habit, business relationship, or just the moment itself a 41 year-old getting his hair done next to an elevated firetruck, miniature and where a 2 or 3 year-old would sit.

Only 9:47, 8.  Seeing my character making wine in his garage, sampling the Merlot, then Syrah.  He thinks about racking it off the wood chips and just keeping it in a glass carboy.  He adds a little bit of sulfur then promises self to not touch it for two weeks.  In a minute I’ll go to Muscardini’s site, or my friend Chris’.  Study, see my character doing something similar but not identical.

Kids watching a show and I’m distracted, unable to write.  Perfect tie to escape through wine and winemaking research for the novel.

I start it.  Character dreading the drive to Solano… so far.  And once there, he’s there for four hours.  Then back to Santa Rosa, and teaching a night class.  Haven’t written that part yet, the night class.  He’s been teaching for 15 years as an adjunct, and at several campuses semester to semester.