Not just prospecting new business, but new ideas.  In your own thinking.  Walking to every idea and thought stream street.  Kids up early this morning for school here in our house again and I’m not resisting any momentum, not allowing frustration to ferment.  Like I just messaged the director, a “good ol’ fashioned day of prospecting”.  Today.  And every day going forward.  And like I said and specified to self and now here on this page in the journal, in my own thoughts.

8:08am…. Coffee.  Doing budget in a sec.  Thinning so I can push more monies to the startup.  Want to do so much today—  Henry upstairs calling either for me or MAF.  Ready…. Stopping self from repeating that.

Jack readying for school, setting up his work area and with a very near-touchy way about him, everything having to be a certain way.  An office.  A business he tells me.  Emma goes upstairs to get dressed and my forceful ask and says she doesn’t want me to help, which I don’t contest as I need some time at the keys here.

Already with much of tonight’s lecture done.  Well, not much, but more than I expected to have to page by this time, more accurately 8:31am.

Wrote notes to self on phone.  That I won’t set here.  Notes that have me going somewhere, turning the ship in direction new.  Sip coffee, Jack getting out remaining silly synaptics before his zoom meeting starts.  I still can’t get over that, kids now having more meetings that adults.  Utilizing different platforms and sending emails, much in their own right prospecting new abilities in themselves.  Maybe this covid world isn’t such a loss field.

Hear Emma and all her fellow-students say good morning to their teacher.  I smile and sip my coffee and dare this bust day to challenge me.  Director writes back and thanks me for all I do, saying he appreciates my tenacity, and that it must be challenging having the kids here.  Me, humbled.  And honestly, with the kids it is, and really isn’t.  Prospecting and searching, trying new approaches tot he AE story, to this.. About Everything.  Just in a rant and ramble right now but that’s what we have todo in these covid days, with the kids home and working remotely, everything on the new saying it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  Discouraging to some, delightful in opportunity to others.

8:38 – Leads targeted for calling.  Fearlessness in my calls today, not anxious about reception, or how I’m heard, or IF I’m even heard.  You create your own leads, your own opportunities and reality, realities.

Thinking of getting a latte, but I don’t let self.  One new idea I have in this morning’s prospecting, or prospect-esque thought play, is the idea of less.  Not a unique idea, but one I haven’t played with enough I don’t think.

Upstairs my daughter’s teacher sings the instruction, and so a new idea stems.  More than prospecting, it’s enjoying.  Conversations with self, for new self.  New pages and light.