Just waking up. 7:22am on a Saturday.

Coffee.  Note this is just my starter cup then I think I’m getting a latte.  No…. Save money, I remind myself.  I also remind myself to write.  Didn’t write much yesterday, no titled piece or anything added to that table of contents I started, beginning with one short piece I wrote Thursday night, after class.

Jack plays the Nintendo 16-bit re-release.  He plays Starfox, and is really into it.  I barely remember the game, but I remember when it was first out, and when I did play it, I was not much older than him.  Maybe 5 years or so.

Trouble waking.  Still tired.  “I just destroyed a big robot, Daddy.” I tell him that’s awesome, feeling horrible that I’m not more interactive, not more awake.

Still some evidence we had the house cleaned yesterday, but not much.  Funny and frustrating how it doesn’t last too long with two kids.  I’m rambling, but this is how I wake, or try to.  Maybe I do need the quick work of a 4-shoot latte, then follow that with with coffee.  That would have been a better approach.  Who knows.  Jack, my son, so content just waking early and playing some games.  Nothing bothers him.  There is only intrigue and pursuit in his eyes.  He wants to learn, he wants to play, he wants me with him.  Hi denies are enviable inter simplicity.  Being a dad has taught me all this and other lessons, observations, none of which I have heeded as I should.

Hear my daughters little feet making their way downstairs… this could be an argument headed Jack’s and my way, as she often wants to watch a cartoon on Saturday morning first thing.  Surprisingly, he says nothing, just sits down next to him, close, yawns and watches.  I continue to watch them.

Yesterday needing to get out of the house, I drove to Hook & Ladder.  Not knowing if they were open, I got out of my car and walked toward the tasting room.  Saw a chalk sign that said they were open, but by appointment only.  I walked around looking for anyone, possibly my friend Devin whom I’ve know for a few years, the TR manager.  Instead two people come out with masks, one man and woman.  They both say hi, and I realize the woman I know from my Roth days.  Maureen, the former Roth Wine Club Manager.  The guy I’ve met a couple times but don’t remember his name.

Maureen and I catch up for a bit over a glass of Rosé I ordered.  I walked into the tasting room before ordering and notices the remodel.  New bar, light fixtures, color scheme and mood to room.  Then went outside.  I sat in one of the new chairs by the vineyard, talking to Maureen about the covid world and working in it.  The lightening the other day, everything.  Working in the wine industry, for the Foley portfolio as we both did, why she left, why I left…. Not only good catching up with an old friend and getting out of the house, but wine and people, the vineyard, being in the world while escaping it concurrently.  Surprising blend and helix of tones and words, much like a conversation with Jack or Emma.