Class Taught Me Something Tonight

About me, and essays, about being a student….looking for answers and trying to find a style in your writing, expression and composition.  Won’t lie, I’m tired, but I had to note what I’m sensing and experiencing after this first week of teaching and learning, communicating with two full 1A sections online.

Learned to not settle, and to not feel like I have to be an ingredient in some large body for its purposes when it boasts that it’s out for my interests.  How did these 1A students teach me that?  Not sure entirely, maybe just by being there, posting their comments on the blog, to the prompts.  Showing more hunger than other people I know.

Tonight’s meeting on the blog, and really this whole first week of instruction paired with another year of fires has me in character.  Not new character or form, but new form and figure of the character that’s always been there…

Classes I “teach” always teach me something, but tonight was something sharp and brightly annunciated.  Me, essays and entries I have written and will write, more than prime in principle, and actuated to new angularity.  In chair, going over everything…notes.  A student.